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OK so after buying a new home ,my wife and i soon though we should get a few new items to we looked around for prices and deals lastman's bad boy seemed to have the best prices and discounts around our area .so waiting for delivery i was working nights 10 hr shifts i received a call from bad boy at about 9 am stating they were here to drop off our item s i had been sleeping for 2 hours after my shift then opened the front door and could see the delivery truck driving away so i called the bad boy i was on hold for 40 flipping min and no one could say sorry or anything of the sort they asked why i could get to the door quick enough so after this back and forth between the person at the warehouse i was left with a $60 change for them to come back another day so after spending over $5000 i was pissed about this $60 charge .

a few weeks later we got a call that our talke chairs and hutch are ready so i called and set up a delivery time that morning i recieved a call so i went on line and checked the delivery time they said they be there between 1:04pm and 5:04 pm so i decited to take the day off work to be home with my son it being the holidays and all and wait to our new table set .

well let me tell you 5:04pm came and went and i also lost out on the $270 i could have made at work this day . I wanted until 6:00 pm called lastman's bad boy and again was on hold for 30 min then someone hung up on me maybe an accident I'm OK with that but no one could say sorry about that as well .

so i got talking to someone that said our 1:04pm to5:04pm delivery time was bumped from 3:00pm to 700pm so i got angry and asked why i wasn't contacted about this delivery time change how come i had to call lastman's to figure this out .

so i waited for a little bit until my wife came home and reminded be we had dinner plans ya i know whoops I'm a guy i forget things like this sorry .

OK so i called bad boy back spent 25 min on hold and shortly after talking to someone figured out that our delivery once again within a 20min time span was bumped again from 7:00pm to as late as 10:00pm

total *** .they wanted to charge me another $60 fee for another delivery

lastman's bad boy will never see me coming again stay away from bad boy

thank you for taking the time to read this sorry about my spelling and grammar

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