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I bought a Stove from Lastmans BadBoy, which was promised to be ready for pick up today and wasn't. I found a stove from a competitor for cheaper (same stove although the model of the competitors was one up ge JCPD240D vs 250D).

I asked them if they would match since its essentially the same stove and it would help make up for mine being late. They said no not the the same model, so I asked if I could cancel my order and they said no all sales final.

I would call the cus service number but they are now closed and the competitors price ends today. I guess I am stuck with the Boy stove but I will never shop there again and will tell all my friends not to..all for the sake of matching a price $50 cheaper.

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We sorry to find out your disappointment due to delay. We want to

assure you that our customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Please contact us at service@nooobody.com and our dedicated service

team will be happy to provide you assistance.


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