I bought couches from bad boy furniture 2 years ago. The couches had a 5 years warranty on it. I paid for the warranty. I was told that if there was any issue with the couches, that they would honour the warranty. It has only been 2 years. The love foot rest on the love seat has fallen off, and the leather on the sofa is peeling. I called them and send them pictures. The refused to honour the warranty or do anything about it. I was told by the salesman, that the warranty I paid for, covers all the damages.

The customer service people are so rude. They hung up on me, when I ask for the manager’s name.

Now they are telling me that the warranty does not cover the peeling leather. That is not what the salesman told me. He said it covered everything under 5 years. It has only been two years. They then said that they would come in and fix the broken love seat. Not replace, but fix. As for the sofa, they claim they can’t do anything. The salesman told me that the 5 year warranty covers everything. Now they are telling me it doesn’t.

I called back and asked to speak to a manager whom, I can speak to and lodge a complaint. They refused to give me a name or contact for the store manager. First I was told, that the manager is only available during weekdays, then I was told that the manager isn’t there at all.

I decided to take this to small claims court. I called them because I need a name to fill out on the forms for the court. They refuse to give me a name. I am having so much stress and anxiety dealing with bad boy.

I bought couches with a 5 year warranty that is falling apart in only 2 years. I PAID for the warranty and they refuse to do anything. They won’t even give me the name of the necessary person, I need to fill out court documents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sofa.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Honour the warranty .

I didn't like: Bad worse store ever e, Customer service, Lack of response and follow up to concerns.

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Any resolution here


You mentioned several times "what the salesman told me" ... that is completely irrelevant.What is relevant is the contract you signed and placed money into play to initiate.Why would new furniture require a paid warranty ?

What is the manufacturer's standard ?All that counts is what appears between the four corners of the document ; have you actually read the entire thing (preferably BEFORE signing) ? Be truthful. That footrest looks like an easy fix (I've had the same thing and would fix it for you if I lived next door) but that leather is thin, cheap crap that is basically surface painted to tint rather than vat dyed and subject to premature wear and cracking.

They will blame that on you as abuse rather than normal wear. VERDICT : sketchy builder and warranty company - but don't try to file court documents until you have issued written demands for satisfaction and served them by Certified Mail return receipt requested in order to establish an admissible timeline and opportunity for reply.

to Martin #1469327

Thank you for your response and advice. What the salesman said should be relevant because he was the one selling the couch and telling all this information as FACTS.

I did not sign any contract. I paid for the warranty."Why would new furniture require a paid warranty?" That is a good question. Why don't you call bad boy and ask them why they sell warranty on new furniture? That's what they do, and they convince customers to buy it.

The question is, why are they offering a 5 year warranty on a product, that they know won't last even 2 years. It has only been 2 years. If they know the product is poor quality and won't last even 2 years, why are they selling 5 year warranty on something they know won't last even 2 years.They salesman said if I paid for the warranty, it would cover it, for 5 years.You keep talking about documents. What documents are you referring to?

They didn't giv me any contract to sign. They gave me a RECEIPT, with proof of payment, of the couch and 5 year warranty.Again, thy didn't give me any contract to sign, or any documents to read about manufacturers standard. I only have the receipt, which shows the purchase of the couches and purchase of 5 year warranty. All the information ai got about the couch including quality was from the salesman.

They didn't give me anything to sign regarding the warranty.

The only gave me the reciepts that shows I paid for a 5 years warranty.Thanks for your offer to help fix it. .Thanks for your advice.

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