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I bought a dining set from Bad Boy today. Ten minutes after paying I tried to change my mind but they wouldn't cancel the order for me.

The credit card hadn't even gone through yet and they still wouldn't help me. I spoke to Singh (who turned away without even saying a word), 2 managers (Elmo and Paul) and I even spoke to Mel Lastman's son (who happened to be sitting there. He just referred me back to the manager Paul and disappeared into a back room). Nobody wanted to help me.

Instead, I was told that "All Sales are Final".

I was hoping they would do the "right and decent" thing since 10 minutes is not enough time to even write up a purchase order but nobody at Bad Boy cares. They have your money and that's all they want from you. Way to make money Mr.


The way this store operates is a disgrace. Everyone who I spoke to should be ashamed of themselves.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We are extremely sorry that you were unhappy to find out our

"All Sales Final" policy. Lastman Bad Boy's service team strives to

provide assistance to all our customers


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