WORST SERVICE EVER...NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BAD BOY ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS WHATSOEVER. Tell me how they delivered half my furniture BROKEN and the other half didn't even arrive for another month after I called them literally every day hounding them down for it.

They told me it was my problem and to deal with the manufacturers myself.. excuse me? I had their employees and manager cuss me off on the phone and hangup on my face...tell me they emailed me when they never did..and literally never call me back. Even their headoffice is a scam..

try calling...voicemail answers and they don't even call you back. This corporation..this business..they're a bunch of thieves. Type in Bad boy reviews on Google and see for yourself.

Anybody who has ever done business with these people regrets it. Save yourself the trouble.

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London, Ontario, Canada #597076

I have had the shopping experience from ***. Just like you I paid and made my order on Nov.11/2012 I am still waiting for my couch.

I have been hung up on very rudly.I got 2 different couch's that I have not ordered. I have waited for up to 2 weeks where no one calls me back. I have even called the store to report a theif because they have my money and I have nothing. Next step is to call a lawyer I guess.

I had to laugh when I read their statement on the fb Bad Boy page. that read; Every purchase comes with the peace of mind that there is a dedicated team of employees ready to help our customers with any questions, concerns or issues that may arise before, during and after their shopping experience. (YEA! RIGHT)

What they say about(service,) there is no way one of these would be sacrificed....

Now I would say that these statement are some kind of a rude joke I would not recomend Bad Boy to anyone! Good Luck I'll keep you posted :sigh


I apologize for the problems you have been having with your furniture. At Lastman's Bad Boy we always work with our customers to find the solutions that work, we stand behind the quality, value and service we deliver. Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of support specialists in Customer Care 1-416-667-7546 #350 Mon-Sat, there is less than a 1 minute average answer time: or e-mail service@nooobody.com with your order details and we will look into your matter promptly to see if we can help resolve this issue for you fast and efficiently.

Thank-you for your feedback.

- Lastman’s Bad Boy Custom Service

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