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SO a dining set was purchased in november, they said all pieces would be delivered within 2 weeks. Purchased lifetime warranty etc.

Two weeks goes by, no dining set, 2 more weeks, table and 4 of the 6 chairs arrive. We assemble the table, great! Assemble 2 chairs, great! next two chairs, dont assemble properly as the holes are misaligned. Call bad boy, they say they will send a tech. Tech arrives a few days later. "Im going to have to come back with new chairs, as these ones are ***"

Two more weeks goes by, no tech and no chairs. Call Bad boy, they said, the order was placed, and they are awaiting shipment, 2 more weeks. (this two more weeks cycle continues and contines...)

It is now PAST EASTER, call bad boy "we have a shipment comin in two more weeks" yeah... right there buddy... demand manager, told they will call back tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, no call. So I call, demand manager. No managers in today, I can have one call you within 48 hours... WTF?! was offered a $50 bad boy gift card... YOU THINK IM GONNA RETURN?!

Manager finally calls me back, I was at work and called back on my break "sorry the manager has left sick for the day, they will call you back tomorrow." Tomorrow comes... No call... waited another day.... demand to speak with manager, "sorry manager has left sick today..."

So useless badboy, over 5 months later and still no chairs... The most useless company of all time with zero customer service. Filed a complaint with Better business bureau, they called back and said, "we receive a large number of complaints from this company, and therefore the company is not accredited with ours because of this"...that made my day...

So buyer beware!!! avoid this craptacular company at ALL COSTS!!!! you wont ever see your furniture!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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So 7 months now... Still chairless!

They offered a store credit of 75 dollars... Why in the blue *** would I want a credit from your store?! Thinking ill be back?! Store managers have literally no say despite it was purchased from their store, so they just call customer service...and they care less about their customers than the govt cares about gas prices...

Absolutely the last interaction that will be had with this company!!! Well... After I actidentally spill a container of gasoline and a have a lit match happen to fall out of my pocket into the puddle...

BAD BOY.... Go *** yourself!

to BAD BOY ON KENNEDY WORST COMPA Toronto, Ontario, Canada #707020

Dear Daveyb004,

We are sorry that there was a delay in our ability to complete your exchange. Although our goal is to ensure that all service is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, supplier delays can sometimes cause delays outside our control in regards to an exchange, which is why we do always try to resolve the issue by having one of our specialized trained furniture technicians out to repair the items prior to enacting a replacement.

We do understand your disappointment and apologize for the circumstances. We remain committed to working with all our customers to offer the best service possible and if you require further assistance, welcome you to call into our customer care department at 1-877-888-0050 #350 or by contacting us via our online customer contact form on our website.

Best regards,

Lastman's Bad Boy

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